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Hey, welcome on my shop !

Here, everything is made, packed and sent by me, an independent creator.
The orders are sent up to 5 days after the order and can take up to a week to arrive !

Thanks a lot ! 

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Hi there, I’m Sow Ay, a self taught graphic designer and illustrator, comics maker and a 90’s kid often hidden under a hoodie and a headphone, usually listening to heavy music and bands you’ve probably never heard about.

As a freelance creative, I spend my days working on creations including graphics and ads for the newspaper, illustrations, posters, comics and whatever people ask me to do !

And on my personal time, I draw and create for the internet !


My personal work about mental health is used as a tool for education and for helping people suffering with mental illnesses. These creations appeared in various art shows, conferences and events worldwide but also on many amazing websites in over 7 languages. (The Huffington Post, The Independent, The Mighty, Tought Catalog, Stylist Magazine, …).

With this work, I intend to let people know how mental illness feels, that’s it’s okay to feel like that and that people suffering are not alone.

If you are curious, here’s a selection with some of the most popular comics.
If you like this work, you can choose to buy me a coffee on Ko-fi or support me montly on Patreon. That will help me continue this work.


What else ?
I play drums in a band without name, a bit of guitar (for what I haven’t forget), experiment with computer music (I haven’t in over than 2 years but that looks cool in a bio) and I love music more than I love myself ! (with my self-esteem issues, that’s not hard).
I’m also a huge geek in tons of fandoms, I love criticizing halo logos at the cinema, love Ant-Man in the MCU, would make jealous tons of kids with the many figures in my room (I have REPTAR and PINGU). I have tons of Spider-clothes and many more.. Oh, and my favourite Disney is Monsters, inc.

If you want to read my mental health story (from may 2017), it’s here.


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Email, ask for freelance, say hello at sow[at]forsakenstar.com

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