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Hey, welcome on my shop !

Here, everything is made, packed and sent by me, an independent creator, so please be understanding if it doesn't come in the next couple of days. I do my best !

Thanks a lot ! 

OH ! You can also shop on Teepublic, there are t-shirts, mugs, tote-bag, stickers, ... all the things that are not in here !


I’m Sow Ay, a French dreamer and creative living hidden under my hoodie, with my headphone and loud music.

As a freelance creative, I spend my days working on creations including graphics and ads for the newspaper, illustrations, posters, comics and whatever people ask me to do !

On my free time, I enjoy experimenting on topics close to me like music, mental health, geeky things and many others. I make (or at least try to make) illustrations, comics, videos, music and love designing for t-shirts and stickers. Some of those visuals are available online for your eyes or on my online stores ! (as you're on the first one, here's the link to Teepublic)

My personal work about mental health is used as a tool for education and for helping people suffering with mental illnesses. These creations appeared in various art shows, events and during various conferences worldwide but also on many amazing websites in over 7 languages. (The Huffington Post, The Independent, The Mighty, Tought Catalog, Stylist Magazine, …).

If you are curious, here’s a selection with the most popular comics

You can help with donations on ko-fi or with a with a monthly support on patreon

I also play drums in a band without name, a bit of guitar & experiment with computer music (I haven’t in over than 2 years but that looks cool in a bio) and I love music more than I love myself ! (with my self-esteem issues, that’s not hard). I’m also a huge geek in tons of fandoms, I love criticizing halo logos at the cinema, would make jealous tons of kids with the many figures in my room, I have tons of Spider-goodies and many more.. Oh, and my favourite Disney is Monsters, inc.

If you want to read my mental health story (from may 2017), it’s here.


Email, ask for freelance, say hello at sow[at]forsakenstar.com